A highly focused beam of light, is used to treat varicose veins making varicose vein removal virtually painless. This is the best spider vein removal method to date, a new technologically advanced procedure done right in your physicians office. Varicose vein laser treatment is simple and done on the outside of your skin.

Laser heat is administered to the varicose vein or spider vein for that matter and it damages it, causing scar tissue to form. This scar tissue closes the vein. This results in blood supply loss and the vein dies, and lastly it disappears.

Simple varicose vein laser treatment is done as mentioned above on the outside of the skin. It can treat spider veins and small varicose veins as well and it is the best spider vein removal treatment available to date. Generally more than one session is needed and treatments are prescribed by medical staff every 6 to 12 weeks.


What to expect after a varicose vein laser treatment?

Recovery post varicose vein laser treatment is generally short and you are likely to return to your normal daily activity following the procedure. After your varicose vein laser treatment it is recommended to wear compression stockings for about one week or so, depending on your physician’s recommendations.

Does varicose vein laser treatment work?

Over the past 20 years this treatment has become safe and very effective. Statistically varicose vein laser treatment has a 96% closing rate.

What about that 4% rate? In the event the varicose vein laser treatment does not close a vein you may require an additional session or may opt for radio frequency treatment or sclerotherapy. In some cases surgery is required to remove varicose veins.

What are the risks involved with the varicose vein laser treatment?

Side effects of varicose vein laser treatment include: minor skin burns, discoloration, feeling of burning or prickling post recovery, and small or large clothing. These occurrences are rare however as the technology has become more and more effective in the past few years.

Clear Scan by Sciton is considered the best spider vein removal treatment due to its robotic technology known to deliver precise and consistent results. It’s powerful integrative cooling system is the number one choice to prevent any side effects such as overheating thus delivering flawless results. The ClearScan System may be used on all skin types and colors, and on areas, such as the face, the chest, and the legs.

ClearScan by Sciton works well on smaller and larger lesions and it’s integrated cooling system offers patient safety, consistent results and optimal patient comfort during the procedure.

Varicose vein laser removal cost. How much does the exam and treatment cost?

Varicose vein laser removal cost is generally covered by your insurance thus making this a zero out of pocket expense.





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