VASER hi def 4D Lipo and Fat Transfer

VASER hi Def 4d Lipo and Fat Transfer

VASER hi def 4d LIPO uses ultrasound technology to remove unwanted fat. Unwanted fat is then grafted to other areas to enhance or improve volume and  or contour. This high definition fat transfer is a specialized technique. This technique creates a more defined body contour.  It works at the more superficial layer of fat just beneath the skin and above the muscle. Autologous fat transfer (AFT) is used to shape the musculature.

Fat grafting or autologous fat transfer is fat that is harvested from one area of the body to another. This harvested fat is transferred to various areas of the body and face. The goal is to fill or enhance shape and form. Some of the popular areas where fat is used is the cheeks, the butt, calves, chest, and breasts to name a few.

The fat is being harvested from areas where you have excess via liposuction. It is then purified via a device called LipoFilter®.  This system is highly effective and reliable canister-style filter.

VASER hi Def 4d Lipo is a technique invented by Dr. Hoyos in Bogota, Columbia

VASER hi def 4d Lipo is a technique credited to Dr. Hoyos, a practicing surgeon in Bogota Columbia. This is a multi-dimensional approach to create a more sculpted body. 

VASER High Def is a technique that employs ultrasound technology to remove excess fat.

The excess fat is then used to add volume and contour to areas of the body that are deficient or lack volume.

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Dr. Leoni has been personally trained by Dr. Hoyos at his surgical facility in Bogota Columbia. In addition to his dedication to implementing the best and latest technology Dr. Leoni is in constant search of greater techniques to improve the end result: a more sculpted you!

This technique is a step above the traditional liposuction and laser lipo. In addition to thousands of successful  laser lipo procedures Dr. Leoni is now able to implement a far superior technique to body sculpting.

VASER hi def 4d Lipo and Fat transfer is available to both men and women alike. At My Petite Medispa we are trilled to offer the latest technologies in the medial aesthetic filed. The finer approach and technique translate in superior results.

VASER hi Def 4d Lipo vs. Traditional Liposuction

This cutting edge technology called VASER offers superlative results. These results are artistic due to the technique and the specifically designed probes. These instruments access fat between the muscles and small areas that is not readily accessed without these specialized probes. These particular probes do not only vary in size but design in order to address a variety of fat deposits into the body. 

The results are natural and sculpted like that of an athletic body. This may only be achieved at the gym by those with certain genetic disposition. This technique is designed to override the hard work at the gym and in some cases the genetic blue print. More and more patients opt for the VASER Lipo versus any other liposuction procedure out there. The results are far superior and motivational for those looking to obtain a sculpted effect.

Vaser hi def 4d lipo and fat transfer Side Effects

The most common side effects with VASER hi def 4d lipo and fat transfer are swelling and bruising.  Swelling is the most common side effect with this procedure. Following post-operative guidelines is critical and it is known to reduce the amount of swelling following the procedure. A healthy diet and proper hydration is the best way to ensure proper recovery.

In order to reduce swelling and bruising we recommend wearing compression garments, lymphatic drainage massage therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. 

The compression garment must be warn at all times until your physician advises you otherwise. It may be uncomfortable in the beginning until you are getting used to it. Anti-inflammatory medication will prevent future swelling and prevent any possible complications such as infection. Lymphatic massages are highly recommended. It will help move lymphatic fluid from the body and help speed up the recovery process. 

VASER high def 4d lipo results...

When can you expect to evaluate the results from the VASER high def 4d lipo? 
Results from the procedure may be evaluated once the swelling and bruising subside. This may be different for each and every individual. 

A genuine evaluation may be best several months following the procedure. Generally the before and after images are a great way to best see the transformation following the procedure. However, this varies varies from patient to patient.

VASER high def 4d lipo and fat transfer before and after

VASER high def 4d lipo before and after

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