Sciton Halo Laser, a skin resurfacing laser for: skin discoloration, sun damage, acne scars, enlarged pores, skin rejuvenation, stretch marks and more…


Halo by Sciton, a novel approach to Laser Skin Resurfacing

Finally, the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL), has arrived and we are proud to offer Halo by Sciton, one of a kind laser skin resurfacing treatment. Halo Skin Resurfacing is one of a kind as it delivers ablative results and non-ablative downtime.

What is Halo Laser?

Halo is a fractional laser, a laser skin resurfacing treatment, using a combination of wavelengths to repair visible signs of aging with relatively low downtime, and results matching those of other more aggressive laser skin resurfacing treatments. Halo by Sciton is know to treat visible signs of aging, skin discoloration, sun damage, enlarged pores, uneven skin tones, wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks and melasma.

After the treatment, our patients report a significant improvement in: skin tone, texture, discoloration, fine lines, pore size and radiance to name a few. Halo Laser utilizes two wavelengths and hybridizes them offering the best of both worlds. These two wavelengths are delivered almost simultaneously. It offers precision and flexibility in setting, thus the ability to customize treatment plans according to each individual’s needs.

Halo by Sciton, HFL (Hybrid Fractional Laser)

Halo by Sciton utilises two wavelengths and hybridizes them. These two wavelengths are deliberately delivered simultaneously for precise results.

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Non-Ablative Fractional Lasers

  • have a safe profile
  • deliver favorable results for all skin types
  • offer results with little to no downtime
  • a series of treatments are required for better results


Ablative Fractional Lasers

  • are more aggressive
  • provider is needed
  • higher risk/reward
  • for all skin types
  • longer downtime
  • fewer treatments are needed


Halo by Sciton, a Hybrid combining the best of both worlds

Halo by Sciton is the first Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL). This is the laser skin resurfacing treatment that delivers ablative results with non-ablative downtime. This Hybridization can be customized for each individual to deliver both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths. The results are specific yet broad, visible, and impactful.


Halo Laser/ Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment/What happens during the treatment and what should I expect?

A topical anesthetic is applied to the skin for about 60 minutes, depending on the intensity of the chosen settings. Once the skin is numb a hand piece is rolled over the skin delivering wavelengths that affect the intraepidermal layer of the skin, and causing changes as deep as the dermal layer, resulting in collagen remodeling. This laser skin resurfacing treatment is the most popular and desirable treatment as it delivers results equal to those of the more aggressive laser skin resurfacing treatments with minimal downtime in comparison.

To learn more about Halo by Sciton and intraepidermal ablation please click on the following link: Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser

The damaged tissue is then brought to the surface and peels off during the first few days after the treatment. Targeted tissue will regenerate following by means of the body’s own natural healing systems. The treatment duration is about 15 to 30 minutes max and our patients can resume to their normal activities.

Sciton Halo Laser Procedure

the area is treated with antiviral medication prior to the procedure

topical anesthetic is being applied to the skin for an hour prior to the procedure

wet gauze is being applied after the procedure

non-petrolatum based products are recommended

gentle skin care and sunscreen post care

certain make up is OK on day one


What does Halo Laser feel like?

The feeling during the treatment can be described as mild heat and occasional prickling. Most describe the level of discomfort between a 3 and a 5, making this laser skin resurfacing the most desirable. The level of intensity can also vary from person to person, as well as with the intensity of the treatment with respect to the chosen settings. The more intense the less treatments are necessary.

Warmth is felt for 30 minutes to one hour following the treatment, and this may take a while to subside, depending on the intensity of the treatment as well.


Overall Patient Experience: Feedback from multiple physicians have been consistent. Halo by Sciton offers results with minimal pain and downtime…

  • patients felt the treatment was comfortable
  • pain scale ranged from 1 to 3 on the lighter treatments
  • heavier treatments ranged from 3 to 5
  • by adding a little more ablation some patients healed a day earlier


How many treatments will I need?

It depends on what is being treated. Some clients choose a series of light treatments while others prefer one intense treatment instead. In some cases when treating acne scars, a more intense laser skin resurfacing approach may be necessary to achieve a higher level of results. A consultation with our medical staff will be the best means to establish the ideal approach to address your particular concerns.

What type of results should I expect from Halo Laser?

Halo Laser is hybrid skin resurfacing system, and uses a broad approach, thus tackling many concerns. Patients treated with Fractional Laser report an improvement in: skin rejuvenation, discoloration, tone, texture, fine lines, pore size, solar elastosis, and radiance. Initial improvement can be seen 2 to 5 days after the treatment and the skin continues in the improve during the next few months.


Halo Laser Results

How long will results last with Halo by Sciton/ Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatment?

With each additional Halo Laser treatment the results will build up and results can last for years. Shielding the skin from additional sun damage will further improve and maintain the results. Laser Skin Resurfacing using Fractional Laser is the most popular approach to date and the technology is the most advanced, offering a wide range of depth. Halo by Sciton is one of it’s kind and the system offers flexible options for optimal customization.


Halo Laser Recovery

Our patients resume to normal activities and the skin must be shielded from the sun as best as possible. In most cases make up can be worn the following day. The skin will begin to peel after four days revealing the rejuvenated skin underneath. With some of the more intense treatments, the downtime is between 2 to 5 days. Adding additional ablation results in one day less healing. The deeper the laser skin resurfacing treatment, the the better the results.

1 Hour post treatment

  • he skin will be flushed for at least an hour or longer depending
  • microthermal (MTZ) zones are formed/these are areas that have been treated
  • the treated zones begin to die off as collagen begins to denature

Day One

  • for some redness may persist
  • new epidermis proliferates and debris begin to surface
  • edema surfaces and the severity depends on the intensity of the treatment, this may last up to 3 days

1 day post treatment

  • the debris begins to flake off
  • new skin is being revealed


Sciton Halo Before and After

Halo Laser Before and After comprises a list of images and treatments ranging from skin discoloration, to acne scars, melasma, to name a few. Below is and example of Halo Laser Before and After of a patient being treated for skin discoloration. Halo Laser is in essence a micropeel, however, this skin resurfacing treatment is broad and known to help subside melasma. Halo Laser by Sciton has had great success in treating acne scars alike. Please click the link for more Halo Laser Before and After images


Sciton Profractional Laser Reviews:

Halo by Sciton is by far the best non-ablative Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatment, designed to deliver ablative results with little to no downtime. For an unsolicited list of Halo Laser Reviews please visit the following link and learn more about: Sciton Profractional Laser Reviews.


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