Coolsculpting, Fat Freezing, Lipo Freeze, Cool Sculpture or Cold Sculpting is one and the same, Latest Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Procedure.

Non-invasive fat removal procedures have gained popularity as of late. The reason for their popularity is the affordability as well as the practicality and efficacy of these procedures. Lipo Freeze, Cold Sculpting or CoolSculpting, are one and the same. Coolsculpting is a fat reduction procedure. It is geared to freeze unwanted fat. This procedure causes the fat cells to die off. The treated fat cells are expelled by our body, naturally.

Fat freezing is  the latest fat reduction procedure to date. It is a procedure by Zeltiq. This procedure can also work well for those who are on a weight loss program already.  A person on a diet can be motivated by coolsculpting. Most importantly, the motivation comes from seeing the sculpted areas take new form. Some patients report skin tightening after the treatment as well.

“Freezing away fat” may seem like an odd concept. But, carefully applied cold really can trim a waistline,” says Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel, professor of plastic surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. He adds that interest in cold therapy for fat removal got its start in the early 1970s. At that time, physicians noticed that children who spent a lot of time sucking on popsicles tended to have unusually hollow cheeks.

What is Coolsculpting by Zeltiq

Fat cooling is an FDA-cleared non-invasive alternative to lipo-suction. It uses Cryolipolysis™ fat-freezing technology. This works to safely and effectively kill unwanted fat cells. No anesthetic is needed, and no incisions need to be made. After the treatment you will be ready to resume to normal activities. 

Your fat is safely chilled with targeted cooling. During the fat freezing process there is no harming done to the surrounding skin or tissue. Following the procedure, your body will naturally eliminate the damaged fat cells during the weeks and months to follow,. This results in a slimmer looking you.

How Does Coolsculpting Work?

The CoolSculpting website says the procedure can “target, cool, and eliminate fat cells without damage to other tissue”.   A  20-40% reduction in fat tissue layer is to be expected.

“This is not a weight-loss device,” says Dr. Mathew Avram, director of the Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center at Massachusetts General Hospital at Boston. Avram has performed more than 50 of these procedures in his clinic. He’s also a stockholder in Zeltiq. In his opinion, CoolSculpting works best for people who want to trim down isolated bulges.

The science behind CoolSculpting claims that “scientists around the world have discovered that fat cells are highly sensitive to cold.” Specifically, cold is said to kill white fat while energizing brown fat. This is the desirable type of fat that helps burn calories. Jamie Burke, who founded the company along with her sister Lark MacPhail, says that customers can “start to notice a difference in firmness and volume” within five weeks. “The fat cells are flushed out gradually and slowly,” she says.-LA Times.


Fat Freezing Is That Simple!

Freezing fat involves cooling targeted fat areas for a period of an hour. This causes the fat cells to die off and be gradually expelled from the body over a period of three months.

The reason women prefer this treatment is because there are no incisions to be made. One may resume to normal activities immediately after the treatment. Unlike with the liposuction surgery the risks with this procedure are minimal. Non-surgical fat removal is the fat removal procedure sought after by women today. Freezing fat away is that easy!

Fat removal procedures have gained popularity as of late due to the affordability of the cost as well as the practicality and efficacy of the procedure. Some refer to this procedure as Lipo Freeze, others call it Cold Sculpting or CoolSculpting. It is one and the same: a fat reduction procedure, geared to freeze unwanted fat causing it to die off and be expelled from the body.

Does Coolsculpting Work?

Belly fat removal has been perhaps the most requested of the fat removal procedures. This area alone is so difficult to shape no matter how long we diet or exercise especially after a certain age.

This procedure works to freeze and kill fat cells and to tone the treated area. Each and every one of us has areas of concerns. CoolSculpting Reviews have been buzzing.

Please take the time to review our gallery of coolsculpting results gallery and decide for yourself. Does coolsculpting work? Find out if you are a candidate! Book now at Whittier CoolSculpting and regain your shape!

How Exactly Does it Work?

As previously stated, CoolSculpting freezes your unwanted fat. It is based upon the process of cryolipolysis , where fat cells are frozen to the point where they die. There is no damage to the surrounding cell types.

Firstly, let’s consider the discovery of cryolipolysis and how that was then developed into the Coolsculpting procedure. 

It all started with a children’s popsicle. The process of fat freezing was established by two physicians affiliated with the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. These two physicians, respectively Dr. Richard Rox Anderson and Dr. Dieter Manstein. 

Both physicians were familiar with a strange phenomenon known as “popsicle panniculitis . It has been observed that children who frequently sucked on frozen popsicles were losing cheek fat. In some cases this resulted in permanent dimples.

Similarly, this documented phenomenon led the two doctors to the hypothesis that the application of extreme cold temperatures to body areas with excess fat would result in fat loss. Upon researching this hypothesis, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Manstein found that body fat was more susceptible to extreme cold than skin, muscles, nerves, and other tissue. When the fat cells were frozen, they would become fatally injured. As a result they would die off. Later a further advanced study found the exact optimum temperature for this action of crylipolysis to occur.

Finally, continued research went on to find that:

As time progresses, the body naturally removes the dying cells, with a 0% increase in either cholesterol or lipid levels in the blood.
Approximately 25% of fat in the abdomen was reduced with only one treatment.
Additional treatments further reduced the fat by nearly the same amount.

Commonly Treated Areas

Non-surgical fat removal is becoming so popular and we have added the chin area as of recent. The most commonly cool lipo-sculpting is performed on flanks and abdomen. Below are the most commonly treated areas at our Whittier Coolscultping Center.



Coolsculpting Cost

You eliminate the unnecessary pain and risk of undergoing general anesthesia with the fat freezing option.

In contrast, the cost of anesthesia and downtime alone can be very pricey. As a result, this will allow you to allocate the extra resources and time more efficiently. Therefore, freezing fat cells cost is very affordable. The cost of freezing fat varies between $600 to $1200 per area.

At My-Petite Medispa, we offer a complimentary consultation. During your consultation we will provide a specific treatment plan to fit your needs. Financing is also an option. Please call us for a consultation for an accurate coolsculpting treatment plan and cost. At My Petite Medispa, we have performed over 3000 fat freezing procedures. We offer packages that make coolsculpting cost affordable!

Liposuction vs. Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure. Therefore this procedure is relatively painless and requires absolutely no downtime. First of all some level of intensity may be experienced at the onset when fat is suctioned into the applicator cup. One in ten patients experience intense itching and stabbing like sensation. These patients experience this sensation  day 5 following the procedure. Hence, these sensations are an indication that the fat cells are dying off. Therefore these patients requires medication to subdue such sensations.!

In contrast, traditional liposuction is designed for larger fat deposits. Coolsculpting is designed for treating small to moderate trouble spots. These are areas which cannot be improved easily through altered diet and increased exercise.


  • One in ten patients require medication to subdue such sensation.
  • Patients are back to their normal routine immediately after treatment.
  • Generally, coolsculpting is less expensive than liposuction.
  • The treated area may become taut in some cases.
  • Cellulite may be reduced with the dying of fat cells as a result.
  • Fat cells are actually being killed and eliminated from the body.
  • There is no scarring or the possibility of infection.
  • A liposuction treatment takes one to three hours to complete on an outpatient basis. It also requires downtime.
  • Liposuction may result in surface irregularities.
  • Liposuction is more costly than coolsculpting, due to the anesthesia cost and downtime.
  • After the lipo procedure discomfort may be expected during the recovery.


What is important to note is that each procedure has it’s own specifications. During our complimentary consultation, we will be able to advise as per each individual persons needs. 

What Are The Risks With Coolsculpting?

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure. Therefore this procedure is relatively painless and requires absolutely no downtime. First of all some level of intensity may be experienced at the onset when fat is suctioned into the applicator cup. One in ten patients experience intense itching and stabbing like sensation. These patients experience this sensation  day 5 following the procedure. Hence, these sensations are an indication that the fat cells are dying off. Therefore these patients requires medication to subdue such sensations.!

In contrast, traditional liposuction is designed for larger fat deposits. Coolsculpting is designed for treating small to moderate trouble spots. These are areas which cannot be improved easily through altered diet and increased exercise.



It is fair to say that coolsculpting has very few associated risks due to it’s non-invasive nature. However, during the actual procedure you may experience:


  • Deep pulling
  • Tugging
  • Pinching
  • Numbness and/or
  • General discomfort in the target area

Afterward, typical side effects you may experience include:

  • Temporary numbness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • A tingling sensation,and/or
  • General discomfort in the target area



What is important to note is that each procedure has it’s own specifications. During our complimentary consultation, we will be able to advise as per each individual persons needs.

who is a suitable coolsculpting candidate?

The Coolsculpting procedure is ideal for those wishing to remove unwanted fat in targeted areas. This is not a weight-loss sulution for obesity. A good candidate has noticeable fat bulges in specific areas. Coolsculpting is specifically designed for those who have unwanted fat in problem areas. These areas are resistant to the unusual diet and exercise routines designed for fat reduction.

Is Coolsculpting Right For You?

We work with women of all sizes and shapes at Whittier CoolSculpting.  One of our coolsculpting consultants will set realistic goals and sculpt your shape to the ideal “S” shape. The “S” form is the phenomena that occurs among voluptuous women, in which their body (from a profile view) reveals the curves of the letter S. By taking care of that extra bulge we are able to adjust form and reshape bodies.

During the consultation our specialized technicians will discuss the procedure and expectations with you. We will set goals and specifications. We will assess whether or not this is the ideal option for you. CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is most effective for stubborn fat, that just won’t budge.

How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Are Needed?

We will create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific goals. There is not set number of required treatments. Furthermore, the number of treatments, will vary from patient to patient, based upon:

  • the number of targeted areas
  • the type of area to be treated
  •  amount of fat reduction desired per area

What preparation is required prior to Coolsculpting?

If you are currently taking medication it is important to inform your physician. However this is unlikely to exclude you from the procedure.

 Important: You should not have the procedure if you suffer from: Cryoglobulinemia or

Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria (also known as Donath-Landsteiner syndrome)

Because of the efficacy of Cold Sculpting we know it is consistent and backed by unsurpassed latest technology, The results with freezing the fat are astounding. Targeted areas take new form and shape-revealing. The result is a renewed sense of self.

Therefore, at My Petite, we have worked tirelessly not only to perfect the technique of CoolSculpting. Also, we give care to every detail that we may ensure your comfort in a warm atmosphere but have made it possible for you to have two areas treated at one time. That’s right! Freeze away that fat, two areas in one hour! This will cut down your treatment time significantly. Your stay will be a most pleasurable and our staff’s sensibility and attentiveness is something we are always striving to perfect.

Most importantly, we customize each individuals’ treatment plan. We care, we truly do! Our technicians have an eye for aesthetics and a clear visual direction. We have  an understanding of form and shaping. This is crucial in the initial stages of marking the areas to be treated. Thus we achieve forth  success in balancing the left and right sides. Consequently, we follow protocol.  We have seen uneven results from patients who come to us from other Medical Spas, we have never had a case of missed balance or low rate of success. Yes, the protocol is crucial! As a result, we experience optimal results!.

...."my only regret is not having it done sooner"...

                                                                                                                                                                              Alexandra Stratan

Why Freeze Your Fat at My Petite Medispa?

The best in its class! My experience at My Petite is always like that of a day at the Westin Resorts. It is luxurious and relaxing. Frankly, I do not feel I am having a procedure. Snacks and beverages are always served in an elegant fashion, and the girls are extra cool and attentive. There are plenty of plush pillows, soft robes, great movies, tasty cocktails to indulge in. Great attention is being paid to detail, not only in the style of presentation but marking the areas to be treated, to ensure seamless results.

…There is an air of professionalism coupled with excellence hard to find these days, yet everyone is always warm and down to earth. It is nice to have two areas treated at one time. This cuts the treatment time in half. Prior to spotting this Precious Gem. I had my first coolsculpting treatment at a reputable establishment uptown, at double to cost and treatment time duration. I was stuck in a small white-walled room for two hours with two magazines.

The technician checked with me once at the end of each procedure. Due to her technical  inconsistencies in following procedure protocol or lack thereof I was left lopsided. During the treatment, she failed to explain the steps and what to expect. She managed to give me a shock at the onset.  Since this was my first time getting the coolsculpting treatment I had no idea as to what to expect.  As a result I had to spend the additional money to have the area she missed retreated. In contrast, the standards at My Petite are top notch.” Alexandra Stratan

In summary, for many patients desiring body contouring, CoolSculpting is the better option because it:


  • Avoids higher costs
  • Is of lower risk (being non-invasive)
  • Is less painful, and
  • Has far less downtime for the patient

Thus, it is common knowledge in the body contouring industry that you are relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. Most patients listen to music, read a book, or even fall asleep!

Are There Any Differences In The CoolSculpting Machines Available?

Most importantly, please be aware there is only one CoolSculpting machine to freeze your fat.  Specifically  manufactured by Zeltiq, this is named “CoolSculpting.” However, in addition to the one trademarked CoolSculpting machine, there are a number of trademarked CoolSculpting applicators. These include:


  • CoolMax: This applicator, as the name suggests, CoolMax designed to deal with the larger, flatter areas of the body to be treated. Good examples are the thighs and hips. 
  • CoolCore:  CoolCore is designed primarily for the abdominal area. It is by far the most popular applicator.
  • CoolCurve+: The CoolCurve+ applicator is designed to be used on rounded and curved areas of the body, providing a more contoured treatment. It is ideal for use on the flanks (love handles), and also the male chest.
  • CoolFit: Primarily used for the upper arms and inner thighs, the CoolFit applicator is also a great choice for vertical planes in the abdomen that are flatter and require a higher level of fat reduction. It may be used on any area of the body with a longer cooling plane. CoolFit has a flat applicator cup and no specific curve shape to address flat vertical fat orientations.
  • CoolMini: CoolMini is designed to be used on much smaller areas, enabling successful fat reduction under the chin, and contouring of the neck.

Coolsculpting Reviews

“Coolsculpting is a non-invasive, no down time procedure, which eliminates unwanted, hard to get rid of, fat. After having an amazing experience & results with my laser lipo at My Petite, I knew for a fact that I would return for my coolsculpting treatment. Six weeks ago, I had a chin & bra fat area treatment. I have had Incredible results so far. No more double chin or bulges over the bra!! Professional, Knowledgeable & trustworthy Dr. Leoni highly recommended this procedure, which I am so thankful for. Clean spa, friendly & comforting staff. I highly recommend My Petite for all your aesthetic needs.”
Liz N.
Granada Hills, CA

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Coolsculpting Reviews

fat freezing is that simple...

Fat removal has never been so simple and natural. This technology is advanced yet simple. Freezing fat cells causes them to die off and be expelled from the body in a natural way. This happens over a period of three months. During this time your body will morph into a more sculpted and shapely form.

Generally, in three weeks you begin to see definite results. This natural approach makes freezing fat away an effective and sought after procedure. There are not tell tale signs or suture marks as with the liposuction fat removal procedures. Freeze your fat away! Call us to find out more and the Cost of CoolSculpting!

...Contouring a new body

Above all  we have mastered an understanding the female body contouring to ensure a visually pleasing result. We work with the individual shape. As a result this cuts down unnecessary treatments. The s-shape is the phenomena that occurs amongst voluptuous women, in which their body (from a profile view) exhibits the curves of the letter S.

Therefore, the S Curve is a traditional art concept in Ancient Greek sculpture and Roman sculpture. Thus, we see the figure’s body and posture is depicted as a sinuous or serpentine “S”. It carries through in modern day art. Most of all you may use it to guide a viewer’s eyes through the form of the body. As a result the S-shape is the most desirable form to direct attention to the focus. Hence, our goal is to shift the eye and to minimize the undesirable bulges.

each body is unique

We understand that each individual is created uniquely and we respect the natural genetic predispositions. We strive to minimize the areas that take away from your beauty or distract from it. Therefore, our follow-ups consist of before and after images. These are taken to prove your cold sculpting results. After all, results are the very thing we are after. Thus, we have truly gone out of our way to make your stay as luxurious as possible.

Most noteworthy, we have a clear understanding of working with the male and female body shapes. For this reason, we have achieved repeated success at My-Petite Medispa.

Certainly the S shape is evidently present with the female form from Bernini’s art form to present day. This shape remains a classic concept to sculpt the ideal, alluring female body shape. Finally, CoolSculpting is truly a revolutionary, technological advancement way to shape your body. Therefore we may say it is where art form comes alive. We now have the means to sculpt bodies in the flesh minus surgery and downtime. This is what Bernini did in stone.

Finally, at its core, CoolSculpting is more art form. One that requires visual direction and intuitive force of interpretation. We believe in shaping, using the above-mentioned principles while preserving the integrity of each individuals’ uniqueness and genetic predispositions.

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Redefine your Curves! Freeze your fat Now!


We have not only perfected this procedure, but have made it possible for you to have two areas treated at one time. CoolSculpting is a service we offer at My Petite Medispa. We strive not only to perfect fat freezing protocol but make your stay fun and luxurious. This sets us a step above the rest. Our prices are reasonable and we develop custom packages according to your own needs! Come take a tour of our facility and see for yourself!

This fat removal procedure is non-invasive, and this is one of the top reasons for its’ popularity. Cost of freezing fat is affordable due to the fact that there is no anesthesia being administered, no incisions to be made, unlike with the liposuction option. Lipo freeze is the best liposuction alternative. There is no downtime to be concerned with.

Our patients resume to normal activities the day of the procedure. During the traditional liposuction, patients undergo general anesthesia and must rest for at least one week prior to returning to normal activities. This can be very costly, not to mention more risky. Zeltiq has made freezing fat simple and relatively pain-free.

Therefore the majority of our patients do not require prescriptions during or after the procedure. One in ten patients do need to be medicated and patients who suffer from Fibromyalgia may experience a higher level of intensity. Every patient is different as the pain tolerance varies with each individual. During the CoolSculpting procedure, the technician applies a cup-shaped applicator to the targeted area, such as a “love handle” or a paunchy belly. The elected area is sucked into the applicator and dramatically cooled for up to one hour. It is that simple!

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