Laser Lipo Cost

Laser Lipo Cost may vary...

Laser lipo cost may vary with number of areas to be treated, geographical area and practitioner. At My Petite Medispa, we are offering a Holliday Special to help achieve your goals. Save now on your Laser Lipo Cost this Holliday Season!

Laser-assisted lipolysis with Sciton’s ProLipo PLUS is a new, minimally invasive means to remove unwanted fat. Non-surgical laser fat removal is also effective in body contouring. The skin tightening results cannot be compared to any fat removal procedure to date.

Getting rid of unwanted fat has never been easier. This liposuction procedure is performed in our office under local anesthesia. Most of our patients resume to normal activities following the procedure.

Laser Lipo Cost Per Area

Some clinics offering laser lipo charge a flat rate regardless of the body area to be treated. If additional areas are to be treated these clinics offer discounts per area.

On average laser lipo cost ranges $4,500 per area . These costs are approximate, and not fixed. As mentioned above geographical areas vary greatly. Learn more how you may change your body image for just $187 per month.

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At My Petite Medispa we have performed and mastered the art of body shaping. Doctor Leoni has has performed countless body shaping procedures ranging from coolsculpting, laser liposuction and much more. 

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