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Since it’s debut in Hollywood CoolSculpting has been somewhat a best kept secret, as not many know about this non-invasive fat removal procedure. W Magazine featured an article on CoolSculpting and here are the editor’s words:

“…CoolSculpting…is the mack-daddy of non-invasive fat removal…”

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Fat Freezing is the new lipo alternative, according to the article on CoolSculpting in W Magazine!

Fat Freezing is one of a kind non-surgical procedure that is still a novelty to most. When we think of eliminating unwanted fat the traditional liposuction still comes to mind. Zeltiq has changed our view and means of ridding of stubborn pockets of unwanted fat. Fat Freezing is the new and exiting way of removing unwanted fat, a procedure that is fast, simple requiring no anesthesia, no needles, no downtime, and no stitches!

Freezing Fat may seem like a novel idea, however, this procedure was FDA approved in 2010. CoolSculpting is a fresh new way, a no non-sense procedure that seems somewhat, well almost surreal. But do not jump to conclusions! This fat freezing procedure is backed by extensive technology and millions of world wide proven to work procedures with before and after photos. After all images speak volumes.

From talk about Mariah Carrey slimming figure and the direct link to the CoolSculpting Procedure, to Vogue Magazine and multimedia buzz, CoolSculpting is rising as a contender in the field of non-invasive fat removal and yes, it is trough proven technology not some mere fad. Dr. Oz. dubbed the CoolSculpting procedure as the new “lunch time fix”. Fat Freezing is here to stay!

If you are a cool girl, in the market for a cool sculpting procedure, I mean the kind that won’t leave a mark, then this is the procedure for you! CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, may just be the best choice for you!

CoolSculpting the Procedure as seen in W Magazine

CoolSculpting is a simple yet effective procedure. It only takes one hour to do. At the onset the technician marks the targeted area and then the area being treated is gently sucked into a cup like applicator. The area is then being cooled as the fat freezing process begins. This takes 60 minutes, after which the tip is being removed and the area is being massaged for optimal success. It is that simple. You may resume to normal activities following the procedure. Some redness and puffiness is normal following the procedure. Frozen fat cells begin dying off and your body’s natural processes rid of the dead fat cells naturally over a period of up to four months. Your body will gradually slim down revealing a more shapely form. It is that simple!

What makes CoolSculpting such a cool procedure, cool enough that W Magazine would find it worthwhile to write about? For more on this article google: CoolSculpting W magazine!

Men and women alike want to rid of unwanted fat pockets fast, with no surgery, and no downtime. Now that makes sense this makes CoolSculpting the number one non-invasive fat removal procedure to date! Freeze your fat today with CoolSculpting and regain that confident spring in your step. Ask us about our current CoolSculpting price special designed to save you a bundle!

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