Coolsculpting Cost

Coolsculpting Cost

Freezing fat cells can be affordable! At My-Petite Medispa we have made coolscupting cost affordable to new and existing patients. Our special offers range depending on the number of treatments and targeted areas.  Book now and save! Mention the CoolSculpting Cost Offer when booking your consultation.

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Call now and book your complimentary consultation, find out how you can freeze your fat in one hour!

Freezing Fat Cells prices vary depending on the area being treated. During your consultation, one of our specialists will mark the areas of your concern and discuss the ideal treatment plan.

Our qualified staff will be able to determine weather you are a candidate for this procedure and offer alternative treatments best suited for your needs. Coolsculpting works for fat deposits that are genetic in nature and hard to tackle with diet and exercise. Not everyone is a coolscultping candidate however. It is important to determine the proper treatment for successful results. Your satisfaction is our greatest concern!

At My-Petite Medispa, we take great pride in our work. Our focus are your results. Doctor Sean Leoni has perfected his technique is in constant pursuit of the latest and most innovative procedures. He is a pioneer in the field of Medical Aesthetics and always looking to expand his options and horizons.

He offers alternative treatments such as laser lipo, a minimally invasive procedure which is more aggressive yet patients are able to return to work within days. To learn more about Laser Lipo please click the link.

Coolsculpting Cost can vary depending on the area being treated, between $600 to $1200 per area. During your consult we will be able to give you an accurate assessment and a realistic treatment plan.

When you call to book your consultation, please mention our Coolsculpting Cost Special offer above and optimize your savings!

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