Allure Magazine featured CoolSculpting by Zeltique among the most innovative treatments for fat reduction. The November issue goes on to introduce top choices for beautification and CoolSculpting is featured among the latest treatments in rejuvenation and beautification.

“CoolSculpting a fat freezing procedure shown to reduce fat on thee abdomen, thighs, and upper arms”

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patient report- as seen in CoolSculpting Allure Magazine

“I work out and eat well, but I had this ring of fat around my belly, like a life preserver, so I tried CoolSculpting. A vacuum-like contraption- around the size of am iPad mini-sucks in about two inches of your skin, which feels bizarre. The area starts to feel increasingly cold, but not painfully so…then you go numb. I didn’t need an anesthetic or a painkiller. I did three areas-my love handles and the area below my belly button, each one took 45 minutes. The most uncomfortable part was sitting in the same position for three hours. Afterwards, my skin was a little red and felt cold for a while, but I went to dinner that night and the gym the next day. About a month later the life preserver was gone.” Allison, 28

the Doctor’s Note-CoolSculpting Allure Magazine, November, 2016

“The best candidate have fat that’s “squeezy”-not the hard, beer-belly type. If you make it through the first six minutes of the cold, you’ll be fine. That’s when you go numb. Afterward, we use a massaging device on the area. As the skin comes back to life, it feel sort of good-like your hands warming back up after a snowball fight. You might have some bruising and light soreness, but you can go straight back to work and working out. It takes two to six weeks to start seeing results, and patients need more than one session

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